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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Video Coverage: Press Conference of Seventh 守夜

Video Coverage: Press Conference of Seventh 守夜

Kuala Lumpur, October 2014- The legendary script writer in Malaysia, Ryon Lee 李勇昌 has directed a new movie titled as Seventh “守夜 which will be coming out in our cinema this 16th October 2014. Our team from & was given a golden opportunity to attend the press screening as well as the press conference of the movie a few days ago.

Video Coverage:

During the press conference, the director as well as the cast members have shared with all of the media members regarding their experience with the movie.

Ryon Lee mentioned that filming a horror movie is a great challenge due to the difficulty in getting sponsorship. Besides, he also shared with us that the movie has made a lot of approaches in terms of visual effects.

Gino on the other hand has told the media members that this was his first time acting for big screen. Mindee Ong said that the ghost character was a difficult role due to its background story. Teddy has had a lot of fun filming alongside with Kim.

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