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Friday, 27 July 2012

Paper Crane 尾聲 Coverage

Thanks to The Actors Studio (TAS) Seni Teater Rakyat, the production team behind Paper Crane尾聲.  I was invited to attend the Gala Opening of the show with my girlfriend, Josephine. The show is splendid with good singing and good acting! Thus, both of us have enjoyed the show very much!

Story Introduction:
Paper Crane尾聲 is the story of the rise and fall of an opera star, Ah Kit (played by Roax Tan). At the beginning of the show, he is just a nobody. He asks for a job at an opera troupe which is led by a famous opera superstar Fui Koh (played by Colin Kirton). Fui Koh looked down at Ah Kit because he accidentally spills tea onto Fui Koh’s costume. Ah Kit is aspired to become an actor but he was hired by the Manager (played by Patrick Teoh) as a backstage worker instead due to the incident of spillage of tea. When working in backstage, he gets to know Siu Ngau (played by Ho Soon Yoon). Ah Kit then become even more interested in becoming an opera star after spending some time with Siu Ngau at backstage.

Ah Kit also has a mother Ah Mah (played by Amelia Tan) and there’s some issue between both of them. Besides that, Ah Kit also met with the opera troupe manager’s daughter Fei Mui (played by Lee Elaine) and there’s some sparks of romance between both of them.

A few twist and turn have occurred. Ah Kit finally has the chance to shine as an opera star but eventually falls due to a series of events.

What happens which has caused Ah Kit to rise and fall as an opera star? What is the problem between Ah Kit and his mother? What is the depth of the bond between Fei Mui and Ah Kit?

Find out the answers for all these unsolved questions at KLPAC during the following 3 weeks as the show
Paper Crane尾聲 will be staging here from 27th July 2012 till 19th August 2012.

(Credits to Kelab Shashin Fotografi KL)

(Credits to Kelab Shashin Fotografi KL)

(Credits to Kelab Shashin Fotografi KL)

(Credits to Kelab Shashin Fotografi KL)

The amazing lineups of talents in this show never fail to impress the audience. The acting is great and convincing. Minor expression from the face and even the slightest body motion are well presented by the actors. Their performance make the audience to feel emotionally attached.

The show is directed marvellously with each scene having a balanced amount of scripted dialogue and musical interception. The musical show features a few original songs that are sang live by the actors supported by catchy and melodious background music. The singing is really amazing. Me and my girlfriend Josephine were totally in love with Lee Elaine’s (Fei Mui) high note singing.

Other than singing and acting, each scenes are well linked and thus making it very easy for the audience to follow the story. The show is presented in dual-language. Some dialogues are spoken in Cantonese while some are in English. However, do not worry! A piece of scene-by-scene synopsis sheet is given for each audience. So, whoever cannot understand Cantonese or English can always refer to the sheet to understand each scene of the show.

The plot of the story is also very well written and it is meaningful and aspiring. The mood in this show is also deep and touches the dark side of humanity as it shows how Ah Kit eventually faced with failures in life due to his change of personalities.

The costumes for most ensembles are the same throughout the whole show. However, the costume for a few principal casts change for a few scenes especially Ah Kit’s and Fui Koh’s. Most of the casts are wearing Traditional Chinese costumes except the Manager and an unknown girl near the ending of the story.

Props and Settings: 
The backdrop of the show is actually the backstage of an opera stage. It is well set up and I like the effect when the opera stage is being “burnt down”.

The lighting is very good and has drawn the attention and focus of the audience towards the targeted point efficiently. For example, when Ah Kit is lying on the floor, the well-directed stage light is able to lead the audience’s sight to Ah Kit and not being distracted by the other actors surrounding Ah Kit in the dark.

The sound system is nice and it has delivered the sound of the show to the audience at a suitable volume. Not much problem with it except there’s one scene whereby there’s a slight screeching sound as Siu Ngau talks to Ah Kit. But it is not really noticeable.

Overall, it is a TOP-NOTCH performance and it deserves a round of applause for the effort of the team to present a good show for the audience! WELL DONE!

It is almost full house for the Gala Opening of Paper Crane 尾聲

For more info of the show, you can refer to my previous post:

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