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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sandy Lam Concert MMX II “林憶蓮演唱會 MMX II” Coverage

Sandy Lam Concert MMX II “林憶蓮演唱會 MMX II”  Coverage
(Coverage was done by W.L Jack from . Copyrights reserved)
Million thanks to Fahrenheit88 for giving me the opportunity to attend Sandy Lam Concert MMX II “林憶蓮演唱會 MMX II”. The concert was SUPERB and I have totally enjoyed it!  Check out the coverage below to see why it was so great!

Sandy Lam Concert MMX II “林憶蓮演唱會 MMX II” was a wonderful concert whereby a compilation of Sandy Lam’s Mandarin and Cantonese Classics Songs have been performed LIVE for the satisfaction of the fans who have been eagerly looking forward for it since a few months ago.

Stadium Negara has become a stage for Sandy Lam to display all of her musical, singing and dancing talents. Despite at her age now, she’s still very fit and has a great stamina. There’s no shortness of breath seen in her even though she sang so many songs and danced so energetically. Her vocal was really great!

The concert is an evidence of good fans service by Sandy. She has actually done some homework before the concert and picked the songs which were the choice of her Malaysia Fans based on a poll done before the concert. Fans’ favourites such as 灰色, 爱上一个不回家的人 and etc have been performed by Sandy.

Although in between every 3-4 songs, there will be a gap whereby Sandy went into the backstage via the lowering of stage for a change of costume. The band would be playing their instruments to keep the audience entertained while waiting for Sandy to reappear again. The costume changing was quite quick. Thus, the audience is basically being kept attended to all the time with the interchanging between Sandy main performance and her bands’ filling performance during gaps.

After every gap, different themes of performance will be switched and performed by Sandy and the band. From sentimental theme to energetic theme and eventually Disco-alike theme of songs and dances were performed. This variety of themes in her concert has been able to draw the audience into a very HIGH and EXCITED mood!

Apart from that, there’s some special segments during the concert. One of the highlighted segment is the duet singing between Sandy and different members of her band & background voice supports. Out of our surprise, all of these members can actually sing quite well too and one of them has even released an album of her own. It was a pleasant segment that has shown us how close the bond between Sandy and her fellow members and it was really quite SWEET. Her fellow members are also as friendly as her. There was this funny moment whereby one of the band member mentioned about “Kickapoo”. Sandy jokingly replied him that she might want to grab one bottle of “Kickapoo” after the concert to try it out.

Besides that, Sandy has also shown us that she can also play guitar and she has two teachers, a.k.a her daughter and one of the fellow guitarist member in her band. She was very humble when mentioning about her skill in playing guitar. This segment was quite nice too as she sang the song which has made her successfully signed by the company for her first  album and basically made her who she is now. The song was “Crying in The Rain”.

Last but not least, there were two encores in this concert.  The first encore ended with 至少還有你 which almost made me cry because her singing was really very touching.
The second encore was ended with 听说爱情回来过 which finally gave a WONDERFUL finishing for the concert!

Although there have been two encores, the crowd was reluctant to leave the concert venue asking for another ENCORE Again! But sadly,no more third encore!

Overall, Sandy has never failed to impress the crowd and I was totally mesmerized by her performance. However, I was a little bit sad though because one of my favourite song 纸飞机 was not sung. But the little sadness was compensated by A LOT OF JOY which I have felt after watching this AWESOME Concert!

In this concert, Sandy has a few costumes which suited her different themes of songs. I personally thought that the costumes were quite simple but were able to make Sandy looked differently. Some made her looked so energetic, some simply made her looked so elegant and some made her looked hot! I personally love the red dress she wore. It made her looked really nice!

Props and Settings: 
The setting of the stage was well-built. I was impressed by a few things. One of it was the elevated stage which has the decoration of rocky walls. It was very nicely built and was quite a pleasure for our view.

I was also attracted to the GIANTS that appeared during her first song. It made me wondered what’s really making those GIANTS to move. Are they real people with such big size? It’s still an unsolved mystery for me.
The effects on the background were well planned as well. And I loved it. Those videos were nice too.

Sound System was GREAT in this concert. Bravo to the team for making no flaws at all in the sound of the concert! The concert was done in an audible and clear volume! It was good treat to my ears!

It was really a SPECTACULAR concert! All of the audience left the Stadium with a big smile on their face including me!

Well done to the team behind the concert and also thanks to RUNNING INTO THE SUN for bringing Sandy Lam Concert MMX II “林憶蓮演唱會 MMX II” to Malaysia!

The Stadium was Full House!

** Anyway,sorry for the low quality of the photos because the photos were taken using my handphone.

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  1. You did a good job on your review of Sandy Lam's concert... especially loves your breakdown on Performance, Costumes, Props and Settings. FYI, we have featured your review on our site @

    Do entertain us with more good reviews :)


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