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Thursday, 19 July 2012

PAPER CRANE 《尾聲》@ KLPAC [27 July 2012- 19 August 2012] & PenangPac [25 August 2012- 2 September 2012]


Venue: KLPAC 
Date: 27 July 2012- 19 August 2012

Venue: PenangPac
Date: 25 August 2012- 2 September 2012

Paper Crane is a chronicle of rise and fall of musical star, Ah Kit. It is a new tale from the award winning duo behind Broken Bridges.
Created by a tried and tested team led by Dato’ Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham OAM, Paper Crane is composed of a dramatic story with a touch of romance, humour and 15 catchy Broadway-style songs performed by a 7-piece live band. This show is also featuring the stunning and lavish costumes created by famous Japanese designer, Shingo Tokihiro.
Paper Crane is performed primarily in Cantonese language with scene by scene descriptions in English and Mandarin. Last but not least, Paper Crane is a production of The Actors Studio under its Seni Teater Rakyat programme.

Armed with just a dream, Ah Kit ventures to join a Cantonese Opera troupe. However his dreams are dashed when he earns the wrath of the current superstar incumbent, Fui Koh, and he is hired as a lowly stagehand.
As he works hard to prove himself, he befriends another apprentice, Siu Ngau. His potential is noticed not only by the Manager, but also his daughter, Fei Mui.
As love blossoms between Ah Kit and Fei Mui, the friction increases between Ah Kit and Fui Koh. The superstar feels increasingly threatened by Ah Kit’s presence leading to an inevitable showdown. To what lengths will each go to protect what they hold to their hearts so dearly?

Ticketing info:

Kuala Lumpur


So.remember to check out this performance if you indulge in stage show performance!
You can definitely expect a wonderful performance from Paper Crane!

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