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Monday, 17 December 2012

"Here Comes The Boom " Movie Review

"Here Comes The Boom " Movie Review

This is a story of a high school biology teacher, Scott Voss who becomes a successful martial arts fighter in order to raise money to prevent musical extra-curricular activities from being cancelled at his financially-threatened school.

What makes Scott Voss to be so inspired to do so?

Will he be able to really raise enough funds to save music in his school?

Let’s expect the boom in your nearest cinema soon!

"Here Comes The Boom " is an action comedy movie starring Kevin James and Salma Hayek. You know, I do not really like Kevin James’s previous few movies such as “Zookeeper” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cops”  because both of the movies were quite boring in my opinion. However, this new movie is so much better than the previous two Kevin James movies. It’s much more watchable.

Anyway, let’s talk about the story. Well, the story is actually quite unrealistic and somehow mixing up with too many things in quite a weird way. Can you relate a biology teacher who would go for martial arts fighting because he wants to protect music in school? And this movie also involves citizenship theme. Well, it’s good to have a variety of mash-ups elements in the story but too many of them together would make the core of the plot to lose focus and become unconvincing. However, the movie eventually turns out to be okay as it is meant to provide inspiration in a good way. The progress of the movie is quite well-paced and it is quite pleasant as it proceeds.

As for the comedy factor in this film, it is actually quite minimal. Not much jokes are being cracked up in this movie. However, the action in this movie seems real and it does seems painful when Kevin James is being beaten up in the movie. His acting has improved seriously and his effort in this film can actually be seen. I am sure he really did get quite a lot of bruises via this movie. Thus, it’s the action factor and Kevin’s obvious efforts (seems like really beaten up and his convincing acts of playing clumsy) that pushes the rating bar of this movie to a higher score.

Apart from that, it is great to see Salma Hayek and Charice in this movie. Salma Hayek is as hot as ever but her appearance time is so brief in this movie. Charice also has a short on-screen time too. But I am sure Charice’s fans would be glad to watch this movie because Charice also sings briefly in a few short scenes.

Overall, it is still considered a not bad movie which can give the audience a relaxing mood after the movie. It is not superb, but it’s GOOD to be watched.

What I like about the movie:
  1. Action seems realistic
  2. A thoughtful intention to provide some inspiration
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Too many mash-ups elements till the plot becomes a little unconvincing
  2. Lacking of comedy factor                                    

This movie deserves a 6.5/10.0!

It is a movie GOOD enough to make your day a PLEASANT one!

However, those who are expecting it to be a very funny movie may get disappointed!

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

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