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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Iron Man 3: My Way [Nuffnang Contest]
This is a contest post for Nuffnang Premiere Screening-Iron Man 3. :-)

The Ironman 3 Poster looks pretty Awesome,right? :)

To score Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Iron Man 3 this time, we need to think up with a creative suit which we would want it our way.  Since I am an entertainment-orientated blogger, I am going to create the suit based on the latest entertainment trend!

Here's the sketch of my iron man suit:


Well,PSY has been a great Youtube sensation last year. And just recently, he has released his new single "Gentleman". It has once again become a hit in Youtube as it has reached more than 6 millions views within 13 hours.

This Iron PSY Suit I designed is totally based on the ideas in his latest MV "Gentleman". In the MV, he has been fooling around and play tricks on people around him. Thus, I have highlighted one of the weapon in this suit, The Mischievous Hand.

Another special feature of this Iron Psy Suit is the Large Spacious Pants as seen in the MV. Maybe it's a new fashion. It looks like a big bag of airspace, whereby it seems like it can contain a lot of stuffs inside. It has somehow reminded me of Doraemon pocket, which can keep whatever stuffs inside without limits. I am sure it will come in handy because it can allow us to bring a lot of things with us! Tony Stark will definitely envy this feature! I am sure he would wish that he can hide his girlfriend into that Doraemon pocket to keep her safe from other villains! :-p

The spacious pants is also suitable to create hypnosis and made the enemies dance along to the Abracadabra dance! (A hip shaking dance which was originally featured in Korean Kpop Girl Group, Brown Eyed Girls' Music Video, but the dance was being assimilated in this new "Gentleman" video)

Last but not least, it's the PSY Sunglasses feature. With the glasses on, we can conceal our small eyes from being visible. Apart from that, it allows us to look classy and dance cheesy! (Dress classy and dance cheesy is a quote by PSY during an interview)

This Iron PSY Suit (a.k.a Mother-Father GENTLEMAN SUIT)  is suitable to go against any enemies:
Those who hate PSY will be tortured by the PSY-ness of this suit.
Those who love PSY will be tricked by the PSY's Mischievous hand!
Those who remains neutral? You will start to be hynoptized by PSY's revitalized version of "Abracadabra" Dance! 

Just in case you haven't watch the latest Music Video by PSY yet, you can have a look here: It's currently trending, so I think you should really watch it. :-)

That's all from me, for bloggers who would want to take part in the contest,here's the link:

Come join this Nuffnang Contest and win some cool prizes! :-)

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