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Monday, 1 April 2013

Laugh Chinese Style @ The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (18th -21st April 2013)

Hey, all stage performance lovers, here's a treat for you all!

In the auspicious month of April( still auspicious because CNY just finish), The Actors Studio Theatre Rakyat presents a double bonus of joy and laughter in …

A double bill of comedy in all Chinese dialects!

Ugly People

The actors acting in this show are all very pretty, even though the title is Ugly. There is Amelia Tan, who is super actress and super hot. Roax Tan, also super actor(an actress sometimes). Then of course we have the triple bonus, super star, mega comedy icon, divas extraordinairre JOKER TRIO- a big name for 3 middle aged men made up of Douglas Wong, Season Chee and William Yap. These 5 beautiful people will make you laugh, they will make your stomach pain, they will make you want to piss but cannot because you do not want to miss their many crazy characters that they have come up with in the 20 sketches. The show is supposed to be a 'sketch comedy about funny Malaysian people', but actually its just an excuse for the men to wear girls' clothes and for Amelia to act as something other than old women and mothers...

Written by Mark Beau de Silva
Directed by Mark Beau de Silva
Featuring Douglas Wong.William Yap.Season Chee.Amelia Tan.Roax Tan
Comedy in Hokkien Mandarin and Cantonese

A Widow, A Spinster and a Tomboy

A recently released rapist is on his way home to Kulim when a new rape case takes place. All evidence points to him. Housemates – a widow, a spinster & a tomboy – are busy gossiping about the case when they hear a knock. When they open the door, they find the suspected rapist falling through the doorway, unconscious. The three women stand helpless, not knowing what to do, until one of them suggests that they should punish him for the sake of everyone in Kulim…

Featuring Suzanne 張愫珊, Sotorng 林學彤, Shu Min 彭舒敏。Shin K 郭煒鑫
Comedy in  Teo Chew (English subtitle)
Directed Wong Lay Chin 黃麗珍

Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
Date /Time: 18th – 21st April 2013 @ 8.30pm / 20th April 2013 @ 3pm
Ticket Prices: Adult: RM43 / Student, Disabled & TAS Card: RM33
(All tickets are inclusive of RM3 ticket handling fee)
Ticket Promotion: Chatime (Thirstea Card Holder): 10% discount (RM39)
(All tickets are inclusive of RM3 ticket handling fee)
Age Limit: Recommended for mature audience
Language (state if subtitles provided) : Chinese, Teo Chew (English subtitle)

Executive Producer : Dato’ Faridah Merican
Artistic Director : Joe Hasham OAM
Production Manager : Nur Hilyati Ramli
Director : Mark Beau De Silva & Wong Lay Chin 黃麗珍
Playwright : Mark Beau De Silva & Wong Lay Chin (inspired by novel 好女孩不做,written by成英姝,聯合文學出版)
Lighting Designer : Alvie Cheng Chin Wei 程進瑋
Set Designer : Mark Beau De Silva & Wong Lay Chin
Sound Designer : Kong Chun Yang龔俊仰
Costume Designer : Koay Wey Shin郭煒鑫, Mark Beau De Silva & cast
Graphic Designer : Joel Benedict Wong Hou Ming
Cast : 王衍任 Douglas Wong,徐世順 Season Chee,葉偉良 William Yap,陳淑真 Amelia Tan,陳忠勢 Roax Tan,張愫珊 Suzanne,林學彤 Sotorng,彭舒敏 Shu Min,郭煒鑫 Shin K

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