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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Coverage: All You Need Is Love Musical 语无伦次音乐剧

Summarized Coverage:  All You Need Is Love Musical 语无伦次音乐剧
Kuala Lumpur, 15 July 2014 – All you need is LOVE”, a musical from Hong Kong by Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre that has attracted many audiences to the Mega Star Arena  a few days ago on 12th July 2014. Perry Chiu has directed this musical and she’s also the art director for it. In addition, Ko Chi Sum is the chief director for this musical.  The show was organized by Mega Ultimate.

Our team from and has been given the chance to do coverage for the mesmerizing show a few days ago.

Video Footage:

As seen through the video footage, the songs sang were all Alan Tam’s song. The whole team behind the musical has cleverly utilized Alan Tam’s classical songs to depict the stories about love in stages.

Apart from having all those great songs, the most essential element of the show is the performer. There were 4 performers in total but all of them are multi-talented. They can sing, dance and act! It’s a very entertaining show with great vocals as well as comedic performance that have put a smile for  all of the audiences.

Another incredible thing about the show is the transition, props and make-up. Everything changes so smoothly quick during the change of scenes. They were still the same 4 performers throughout but each time with a totally different appearance.

Some of the Alan Tam谭咏麟 classical songs featured include 「爱的根源」丶「爱人女神」丶「爱在深秋」丶「爱到你发狂」丶「爱情陷阱」、「幻影」丶「迟来的春天」丶「雾之恋」丶「谁可改变」丶「忘不了你」

It was really a pleasant evening with such a wonderful musical. Million thanks to Mega Ultimate to bring this show over to Malaysia. Our team is also very grateful to be given an opportunity to do coverage on the show.

For more photos of the show, please visit:

For more info, please visit Mega Ultimate Facebook Page:

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