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Monday, 14 July 2014

Video Coverage: Press Conference of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》

Video Coverage: Press Conference of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》

15th July 2014 – A few days ago, our team from & were given the opportunity to attend the media preview and press conference of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》. The press conference was held at Neway One Utama and was attended by the director Jack Neo and the actors including Chen Tian Wen, Tosh Zhang, Wang WeiLiang, Maxi Lim and Bunz Bao.

Video Coverage:

The director of the movie, Jack Neo said that he hoped to promote culture of Lion Dance in a creative way through this movie. Audience can expect the movie to be even more exciting than the first one because this sequel will focus on the ultimate showdown of the competition. CGI has been one of the toughest challenges faced by Jack Neo in this movie. They spent approximately RM 500,000 just for the animation effect.

On contrary to the first movie, Chen Tian Wen 陈天文 is bed-ridden in this movie and has to memorize more dialogues compared to the first one whereby he was involved mostly in martial arts scene. He has a secret trick in this film. Let’s watch the movie to find out more about it.

Tosh Zhang, Wang WeiLiang, Maxi Lim and Bunz Bao appeared tanned because they are filming the next “Ah Boys To Men” film.

Tosh’s most memorable scene in this sequel is the scene whereby he was assaulted in the alley. For WeiLiang, the challenge he need to face this time is to learn to act as a person who is very low-esteem. The Lion Men series are the first time for Bunz to be involved in a movie but his performance in the movie is good. He has learnt a lot from Jack Neo through this movie.

This is not the typical Jack Neo’s movie which is basically comedy genre because
it has infused romantic elements too.

Media Q&A Video Coverage:

The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》will be available in Malaysia theatre nationwide from 17th July 2014 onwards!

Here are the shoutout by Tosh Zhang and Wang WeiLiang:

Do check out the movie in your nearest cinema when it is released!

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