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Monday, 28 July 2014

Video Coverage: Press Conference of 8TV TV Show 《凌晨3点3》 “3.15AM”

Video Coverage: Press Conference of 8TV TV Show 《凌晨33 “3.15AM”

29th July 2014, Kuala Lumpur- In conjunction with the airing of upcoming TV show 《凌晨33on 3rd August 2014 which will be aired every Sunday, 8.30pm, 8TV has organized a screening Press Conference at Theatrette, Balai Berita, NSTP, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, KL. During the press conference, the artistes who have attended include陈峰、张顺源、罗忆诗、许亮宇、释福如、陈美君、朱建美、李浩菖、徐慧华、黄明慧&陈凯旋.

Video Coverage:

In order to introduce to the media members regarding the shows and the characters, a Mini Stage Performance was demonstrated on stage during the press conference. The TV show, “3.15AM” 《凌晨33 consists of 13 episodes and will feature 5 different storylines, namely: 买兇杀仁古井摸不着谁是真兇承诺”&“挂表.

During the press conference, 张顺源 who always took the roles of being secondary school students in his previous shows mentioned that the character for this show is a bit older for him.
On the other hand, Henley 许亮宇 stated that the actors and actresses dare not act with him because he injured them.

In the “挂表” storyline,陈凯旋 played the role as 阿源. During his episodes, there are a few scenes which features “Time stopping” scenes. Thus, this has made us relate him to “都教授” and called him as Malaysian都明俊.

陈峰 who acted as a noodle hawker claimed that he has gained a lot of experience through this show till the extend that he could actually really become a real life noodle hawker.

《凌晨33 “3.15AM” will be airing from 3rd August 2014 onwards, every Sunday, 8.30pm.

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