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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Video Coverage: MY FM 16th Birthday Bash Concert 《MY FM星战16》

Video Coverage: MY FM 16th Birthday Bash Concert MY FM星战16
(For my full written coverage and song list, please visit: )

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 - MY FM 16th Birthday Bash Concert MY FM星战16has just taken place in Setia City Park, Setia Alam a few days ago on 30th August 2014. The duration of the concert was approximately 3 hours and it was filled with a stellar line-up of performances by the DJs as well as the invited artistes!

Our team from & have been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the great event!

Video Coverage:

Grand Lineups of Artistes! Continuous Fun & Excitement With Non-Stop Performances!
It was one of the grandest Birthday Bash ever MY FM because nearly 50 celebrities have taken part into the concert. Presented by S P Setia, MY FM 16th Birthday BashMY FM星战16》, the artistes who have taken part include Will潘玮柏、Claire郭静、家家、王大文、James 杨永聪、Freya林凡、李佳薇、陈威全、Karen龚柯允、Eric林健辉、Amy王明丽、Athena马嘉轩、Bell 宇田、黄启铭、FS Fuying & Sam、朱浩仁、东于哲、Hank叶俊亨、周周、Joyce四叶草、Fyone陈慧莹、Stephanie刘佩芯、Alvin 钟瑾桦、Juztin刘界辉、Peace 张诒博、Joe 曾耀祖、 DJ KenGeraldine颜慧萍、《Astro新秀大赛2014Uriah徐凯、Elaine李宜玲、Yuii陈静宜& Ron彭世豪 & New Local singer, 车子.

DJs Took Up Challenges While Delivering Meaningful Messages!
MY FM Birthday Bash this year has the background story which was set in the future world. Earth has become an isolated place with not much life form. 5 representatives from other planets including  血压GoldJeff 陈浩然from Venus, HollywoodRoyce 陈志康from Jupiter, 古龙水(贾森from Mercury, 火龙果(Jym庄靖毅) from Mars& 老土(林德荣)from Saturn have been given a task to save Earth.

Earthlings’ roles were played by颜薇恩WayneEmely潘毖伶、CatherineRoaxGinMY FM沙巴DJPennyMY FM砂拉越DJ. Each of them has gone through tough challenges.

DJ 尹匯雰 who has just given birth in real life has recorded a video for the concert too. The Birthday Bash this time has also invited Juztin刘界辉 to take part in one of the challenges.

Personally, I really think that it was a really great concert. In fact, I can even say that it’s one of the BEST concerts this year with a MASSIVE LINEUPS of artistes! It’s no wonder why it could attract nearly 25,000 audiences to the venue!

My FM 16th Birthday BashMY FM星战16has been supported by many entities, including电视伙伴Astro华丽台, Costume design by Dominique Chan, Makeup by Makeuppuzzle, Hairstylist by IMP Hair StudioDance Choreography VF ProductionsMagic instruction by Kenneth Wong、特技指导战略特技制作公司、电脑特技映像设计Rex Chua & Special thanks to Capri by Fraser Hotel Residence as well as mineral water sponsor Spritzer 天然矿泉水。

MY FM 16th Birthday BashMY FM星战16will be divided into two parts and will be aired on Astro华丽台(频道311 & Astro至尊HD(频道310. The premiere of the two parts will be on 15th September 2014 & 16th September 2014, 10.30pm respectively while the rerun of the concert would be on 20th September 2014 & 21st September 2014, 12pm.

For my full written coverage and song list, please visit:
Million thanks to MY FM for inviting our team to do a coverage on the wonderful event!

Published by WLJack.

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