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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Video Coverage: Press Conference & Red Carpet of “Golden Awards金视奖 2014”

Video Coverage: Press Conference & Red Carpet of “Golden Awards金视奖 2014”

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – One of the most prestigious awards of the year, “The Golden Awards金视奖 2014” has happened at Putrajaya International Convention Centre a few days ago. In conjunction with the awards, a press conference has been held prior to the ceremony which featured a few international artistes such as Chen Han Wei陈汉玮, Kym Ng钟琴, Joanne Peh白薇秀, Edmond Pang彭浩翔, Guo Shu Yao 郭書瑶, Mike He贺军翔  & Aaron Yan炎亚纶. A red carpet ceremony was held too after the press conference.

Our team from & have been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event. I have missed out a few sessions of press conference due to transportation problems. However, I managed to attend the press conference of Guo Shu Yao 郭書瑶, Mike He贺军翔 & Aaron Yan炎亚纶.

Video Coverage: (For Full written Coverage, please visit:

Guo Shu Yao or better known as “瑶瑶” was one of the invited guests to The Golden Awards 2014. During the press conference, she said that she came to Malaysia with a very relaxed and happy mood. Currently, her ultimate goal is to be able to dive in Maldives.

A press conference with Mike He贺军翔who has been well-loved for his acting in Taiwanese Drama was also done prior to the awards ceremony. He was asked regarding his preference in choosing a girlfriend. He hopes that his other half would be someone with good temperament, soft-spoken and can share his burden together.

Another prominent artiste who has come over for The Golden Awards 2014 was Aaron Yan 炎亚纶. He said that he’s very impressed with the actors’ determination especially those who are willing to take up the roles as villains.

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Red Carpet Ceremony:

After the press conferences, the event was proceeded with Red Carpet Ceremony whereby all of the local artistes and international artistes appeared continuously in small groups!

For more full written coverage and more photos during Red Carpet Ceremony, please visit:

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