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Monday, 20 May 2013

Coverage: TVXQ! "CATCH ME" World Tour, Live In Kuala Lumpur

Coverage: TVXQ! "CATCH ME" World Tour, Live In Kuala Lumpur

It was a pleasant weekend last week because of  TVXQ! "CATCH ME" World Tour Live In Kuala Lumpur. This splendid event was held at Stadium Malawati last saturday and has amazed the fans with the awesome performance by Max and U-Know. 

The concert has been one of the most punctual K-pop event ever in Malaysia. At around 5.30pm, the audience were greeted by the opening act of Fuying and Sam. At approximately 6pm, TVXQ! has appeared on stage. 

Explosive Performance!
Max and U-know has appeared with their opening songs of Rising Sun! The fans were totally delighted as they saw their favourite idols go on stage. Thereafter, TVXQ! has proceeded with non-stop singing & dancing plus some explosive action. A lot of fireworks have been seen throughout the event. They even smashed a modified chair on floor during one of the song. All of these have made the audience screamed in excitement.

Awesome Stage Layout!
As mentioned in previous posts, RM 1.5 million was invested in the development of the concet stage. All I can say is, it was really AMAZING!
First thing is the rolled-up ground. It was an amusing stage set-up and it was fully utilized by TVXQ! and their dancers as they do the cool moves on top of it!

Second is regarding the moving chairs and elevators. These props allowed TVXQ! to actually "reach out" to all their fans from the VVIP Zone till the PS5 zone. Plus, the stage layout itself allows the audience and TVXQ! to remain at a very close distance. Non of the audience were felt left out from experiencing the best from their favourite idols!

Great lighting and nice props!
The lighting used in the concert was well-choreographed and allowed the audience to track their idols easily. The multiple colour of sharp lighting has created a good visual of the whole stage. Besides, the use of different props from time to time such as the rome setting, the flying airplane and etc has been a pleasant addition to this already wonderful concert! Thus,making it PERFECT!

Heartwarming interaction between TVXQ! and fans
There was a slot whereby a video was shown on screen. This video is the footage of TVXQ! in the past events such as those times when they won awards and also the footage during their other concerts. They also kept on apologizing to the fans for the wait of 6 years! Of course, the fans never blamed them but just felt touched about it! 
They even learned to speak a few Malay sentence such as Apa Khabar, Saya cinta padamu. All of these has earned a lot of cheers from the fans!

Encore by fans!
After the boys has left the stage, the fans have screamed for an encore! 
The power of Cassiopeia has made Max and U-know to come back on the stage! 
The k-pop kings have promised the fans for their next world tour and would not leave them waiting for long this time!

A Truly Spectacular Concert!
This was really one of the best K-pop concert I have ever seen in Malaysia. Both me and my photographer have agreed that it was truly a success! Thanks a lot to JPM Music!

JPM MUSIC has marked their name as one of the most notable K-pop concert organizer in Malaysia!
Soon after the event has ended, I have done a survey with a few Cassiopeia and browsed through the feedback given by fans via the JPM Music Facebook page. 
It was obvious that JPM Music has gained a lot of love from not just Cassiopeia but also all Malaysian K-pop fans because of their dedication throughout the whole event.

Let's recap some of JPM Music great effort in organizing such a great event of TVXQ! "CATCH ME" World Tour, Live In Kuala Lumpur!

  • Well-organized Ticket Launch! (Some fans agreed that it was one of the most well-planned ever)

  • Great fans-servicing! With massive amount of games, lucky draws and roadshows! (Totally pleased the fans)

  • Friendly crews which made the fans feel happy!
  • The passion to bring a great concert for fans!

Sincerely from the page admin Jack and his whole team, 
We wish that JPM Music can continue with this good work! We have faith that JPM Group will one day be able to achieve the goal of being recognized as the premier organizer of K-pop performances!

*Bonus (Track List during the concert):
Song List:
  1. Rising Sun
  2. Getaway
  3. Why Intro
  4. Hey
  5. Like a soap
  6. How are you
  7. Journey
  8. Honey Funny Bunny
  9. Wrong Number
  10. I don't know (Korea ver.)
  11. Humanoids
  12. Purple Line
  13. Before you go
  14. Destiny
  15. Memories
  16. I wanna Hold You
  17. Here I stand
  18. Dream
  19. Catch Me
  20. Intro + B.U.T (Korea ver.)
  21. Why
  22. Unforgettable
  1. Mirotic
  2. Summer Days
  3. Summer Dream + Sky
  4. I'll be there
  5. Outro and ment

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