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Sunday, 12 May 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

Good day,everyone! This is a blog post for Nuffnang Contest, "I Am The Unstoppable Explorer"!

Astro is giving you the chance to star in the biggest “quest” you’ve ever had! Codenamed the “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest, Astro is holding the ultimate hunt to reveal the explorer in you!

Why do call yourself an unstoppable explorer? What are your explorer characteristics?
I call myself an unstoppable explorer. As an event blogger, I have to consistently explore and discover more regarding those events which are happening around us. To get updated on the upcoming events, I have to "surf" through the internet and "dig out" the information via different routes too, in order to get the official or correct info to be shared with others.

Filtering correct/wrong news is essential!
Meet & Greet with celebrities

Besides, I love to meet new people and also meet & greet with celebrities whom I liked. I love to explore more regarding the celebrities,like how they interact with fans, how they really are in real person and how do they achieve their dreams. Most times it's kinda hard for people to even reach close to them. But due to my unstoppable explorer's spirit, I actually get to meet some of them in person.

With the unstoppable explorer's spirit, I also get the golden opportunity to cover a few notable events in Malaysia. Covering for an event and finding nice spot in taking photos during the event are great adventures for me!

My explorer characteristics is my spirit of not giving up easily!
Sometimes it's hard to search for information regarding the latest events because happenings are going on in almost anywhere at anytime.
Fake news are everywhere.
However, I am determined to keep on finding the right source, filtering the news and share the correct info with other event-lovers!

What were the challenges you faced in your most recent adventure? And how did you overcome them?
My previous challenge would be due to the problem of limited internet connectivity in my university campus. There is a proxy in our campus that try to limit our usage of bandwidths or block our access to some websites if we are using the university connection. A lot of harmless websites were blocked (even Google was blocked for once before) and I failed to access to certain websites for data collection. What's worse, recently, I can't even log in into my own blog occasionally.

To overcome it, I have used my smartphone 3G connection and surf the net using it in search for more events news. The screen of my mobile smartphone might be small but as long as I can surf the net and also log in my blogger account, then it was fine for me. And my smartphone has an outdated Android system. So for certain website, I can't really able to load the pages in it. To tackle this obstacles, I have also learned some proxy by-passing technique which can temporary allow me to access to those websites using different IP address.

In your opinion, what is the essential gadget you can count on in your adventures? Mobile phone? Tablet? Camera?
Actually all of these gadgets would be crucial for me in my adventure. I have never owned a tablet but I always felt that it has all the features which I have needed to consistently allow me to do my work in blogging.

Features which I have preferred:
- Great roster of apps available
- Rear or front camera which can allow me to either take photo instantly. Sometimes DSLR is not allowed for photography in concerts. But surprisingly, the allow tablets. Thus, this allow me to take photos of those performance. Or even take selca with my favourite artists if I ever bumped into them spontaneously.
- Tablet allow me to blog more easily (Bluetooth keyboard allow me to do typing using tablet --> made it function like a mini ultra-portable laptop)
- A big screen. A bigger screen can allow me to read through articles easier. And of course, it allows me to enjoy movies/videos/programs more compared to a small screen. (Watching video for too long via small screen can make my eyes become painful)

Let us know how Astro-On-The-Go allows you to explore and watch your favourite programmes and the best of Astro anytime, anywhere.

With Astro On-The-Go, while going out to cover events, I can still get to watch my favourite programs. If you have been to a lot of concerts, you will know. Sometimes there will be delay in between each performance acts. So, Astro-On-The-Go is the solution for me during those gaps whereby I have nothing to do.

Beside, if I was to cover event yesterday night. With Astro-on-the-go, I can still to catch the moment of Man United Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement speech LIVE. It's a very precious moment. (Of course, you can go back home and watch the speech over and over again. But the ohm will be gone as compared to LIVE. Because watching LIVE while tweeting about it, will have more fun!)

Sometimes, I took public transports while travelling to those stadiums for concert coverage. Again, Astro-On-The-Go would help me kill my boredom by letting me watch my favourite movies such as Disney's Wreck-it-Ralph or Jackie Chan's CZ12!

For more info regarding Astro-On-The-Go and this contest, please visit:

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