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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Have you heard about KL SOGO?

Have you heard about KL SOGO?

KL Sogo - The leading retailer in KL!

"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people." quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. 

Latest fashion trends, home convenience wares, hottest sales and promotion with greatest shopping experience within an over 700,000 square feet building, all of these made up the "muscles" of KL Sogo! 

Just named anything you want. Cosmetics & Fragrances? Fashion Clothes?
Children & Infant Wear? Good Dining places?
Well, all of them are under one roof here in KL Sogo!

The scents of vast variety of fragrance is what you can find in this prominent SHOPPING PARADISE!
Daily grocery at cheap prices!

But what makes KL Sogo different is, it always stay sociable and connected with the people,keeping the customers happy all the time!
That's the passion which distinct KL SOGO from all others, thus making them the leading retailers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Workers in KL Sogo are friendly!
Their smiles and joy can spread and make the customers happy!

Besides that, KL Sogo has never stop to please their loyal customers by introducing memberships such as S card membership and Tourist Card to them. These cards can allow the customers to enjoy greater rewards and save even more when they shop.

Let's enjoy the benefits provided by KL Sogo!
Discounts are almost everywhere in KL Sogo!

KL Sogo has also provided a lot of opportunities for the customers to have fun other than the already magnificent shopping experience. This was evidenced by the variety of events and happenings which have taken place in KL Sogo itself. All of these events and shopping experience have made the customers to be anticipating their next visit to KL Sogo again and again.

Meet & Greet with Fauziah Latif!

Meet & Greet with rising TVB star Him Law!
Kids also get the chance to meet & greet with the ever adorable Canimals too! =)

Last but not least, KL Sogo has also given a pleasant surprise to all the customers by being the Presenter for "Opus Jay 2013 World Tour"! 
It's a dream comes true for all of the Jay Chou's fans! And KL Sogo is the genie for their wish!

Let us recap the wonderful Opus Jay Chou Ticket Launch Experience at KL SOGO!
The venue itself is crowded with die-hard Jay Chou's fans overnight and it was awesome. Besides, there are also some lucky draw and games for fans to take part in.

Some people came overnight to queue for Opus Jay 2013 World Tour ticket launch!

Such a long queue!

Wonderful scene: It's like a grand Jay Chou's fans gathering at the beloved KL Sogo!
Jay Chou has been a great symbol in Mandopop and also in my life.
All of his masterpieces have been a great part and parcel of my life, because it has cheered me up during some of my toughest times, healed me up when I have lost the inspiration to move on and most importantly, let me gain faith in my life!

In my opinion, Jay Chou, your music is an opus, a true work of art!

Please read my previous post:
Jay Chou, your music is an opus, a true work of art!

So, have you heard about KL Sogo yet?
I am sure you do.
Because...KL SOGO is A Cut Above The Rest!
It's simply above and beyond the rest!

Truly a fans of Jay chou,
W.L Jack

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