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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Passport by Department of Performance and Media, Sunway University

18 third-year performing art students showcase the little important things that are often overlooked in life by screening 3 short films and a devised theatre performance.

Passport is a final year project by 18 third year students of the Department of Performance and Media, Sunway University. Through this final year project, these students collaborate to produce 3 short films and a devised theatre performance.

The central theme for the 3 short films (Abang, Diri and Dual) is ‘Relationships’ – portraying the difficulty in holding on to the relationships that matter most. What happens when you lose the most important person you never thought you could lose so easily?

List of Short Films
Two friends who have been living their lives off other people’s misery are finally put to test when they encounter an unexpected gift on one of their paid jobs.
After losing her sister, Aysha journeys through her past to find closure.
An action-comedy that unfolds a story of fate and coincidence between two police inspectors.

As for devised theatre, our themes include, “Relationships that don’t matter”, “Gender Bias”, “Old Folks”, “Dreams” and “1Malaysia”.  After managing S.C.A.M festival and performing their theatre project, Malaysia@Random, in Georgetown Festival and Sunway Education Expo, these students continue to experiment with the instruments they used for their past projects like the overhead projector, shadows, music, dance and more in devising this performance.

The students managed to get well-known actors to starin their films. Among the actors are Sharifah Amani, known for her roles in several Yasmin Ahmad’s films;Fatimah Abu Bakar, a known veteran actress in the industry; andMike Chuah, who acted in The Collector, a chinese action comedy film directed by James Lee. They are also being supervised by Mark Teh, a theatre practitioner and Brenda Danker, a film and TV producer.

This project starts in January and end at May for the entire final year project process. They start with writing script and shooting for the first 3 months. Then they edit their film and create theatre pieces for the next 2 months.

Department of Performance and Media
The Department of Performance and Media at Sunway University offers a 2 and a half year programme leading to a Diploma in Performing Arts. Students receive training in acting, directing and writing for performance, video productions and post-productions.

Roof Top Theatre,
4th Floor, South Building,
Sunway University.

Dates & Times
24th May (8.30pm)
25th May (3pm, 8.30pm)
26th May (3pm)

Ticket price
RM 15
*For mature audiences only

Contact Information
Robin Khor (Marketing Department): 011 2116 3029
Social Media
Instagram: sunwaydpa2011

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