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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Your music is an opus…a true work of art

Jay Chou, Your music is an opus…a true work of art
I still remember I first started to know about him was during the time when I was in primary school. He, is a guy who always appear with either a hood or cap, has fast fingers which can play awesome piano and mind-blowing mandarin song which has made me understand what true music is.

Jay's appearance during his first few albums.
It’s no one else but him, JAY CHOU, the king of Mandopop! His music is amazing and it’s true work of art. It’s no surprise how he can soar high in Mandopop industry for more than 10 years since then. He’s truly deserved it, the fame, the reputation, the respect and the love from us, the fans of wonderful JAY CHOU’s music.

OPUS means an artistic work of awesomeness. To me, nothing else but his music can define this word.
The assimilation of Chinese traditional instruments into his song with the splendid combination of rap and R&B are his main musical style that shines through ages, continents and generations. But, the extent of his greatness is not just limited to this style.

He can also perform a vast amount of song variety such as romantic songs, cheeky-themed songs, sad and mood-tentalizing songs which can infuse strong impacts into our lives.

Below are some of the songs which have made me listen and listen all over again.

Art of Emotional Component

黑色幽默 - My favourite song during karaoke!

Example: 黑色幽默 àIt’s my favourite song to pick in Karaoke for all the time since young. It’s fueled with strong emotion yet calmed by musical composure which made us feel like it’s singing out the core heart feelings of some couples who are in a relationship but have problems in understanding their partners.

Art of Life Inspiration

Example: 稻香 à An inspiring song which can make a demotivated person to regain their awareness of what’s the best thing which they have already had in their life and learn to let go of their sadness in life. Its melody is relaxing and soothing that can cheer us up especially when we are having hard times.

Notable mention: 听妈妈的话 àTo me, this masterpiece has become a widely used theme song during Mother's day. The advice in the lyrics and the lullaby-alike background music is not just catchy but also meaningful. Let's listen to our mother's words! A true word of wisdom by Jay Chou via his music!

Jay chou and his mom when he was a baby and he is adult!
Art of Funkiness

Example: 牛仔很忙à The ironic lyrics and comedic scores of the song made us have a different view on a cowboy’s life. In usual setting, cowboy was depicted as cool guy who drink beer and related with guns & shots. But Jay’s version give us a glimpse of humor regarding cowboy’s life, whereby a cowboy is actually busy, drink milk and use rubber band as a weapon instead. It’s not just the lyrics which are hilarious. It’s the whole entity of the song which made Jay’s version of Cowboy believably funny.

Art Of Deep Thought

Example: 明明就 – The song is filled with deep message of how a guy loves a girl but willing to let go of her because he believes that he’s not good enough for her. Loving someone is to let her find someone who she truly loves and can obtain happiness with. The beats and lyrics of the song truly express the meaning within it and make us understand more on how we should love someone.

Art of Retro Tunes

Example: 千里之外 – A song of Jay’s collaboration with retro Mandopop  veteran Fei Yu Qing, it’s a song imbued with retro musical components. It’s amazing that an R&B singer like Jay can sing the high-pitched melody alongside with Fei Yu Qing.

Art of Beatboxing

Example: 水手怕水 – In this song, Jay has introduced us the art of beatboxing by first listing out a lyrics of slow-motion pronounciation which can amazingly let you perform a normal “pchh tchh kchh chh” beatbox tone if you read the lyrics with a quicker tempo.

Jay Chou has too many talents.

It’s not easy to find words or phrases which can completely define him.

It’s just amazing! 

It’s OPUS!

Last but not least,would like to share a video to show you how amazing Jay Chou can be…
with his musical instrument talents..

Allow me to quote again,

Thanks for reading this.
I am Jay Chou Fans for years.
But sad to say, I wasn’t able to attend of his concert before due to financial limitation.
Hope Sogo KL can be my genie to grant me my wishes! Thanks! 

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