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Friday, 24 May 2013

Post-Event: Astro Explorer-On-The-Go Bloggers Contest

Event details
What: Explorer-On-The-Go contest
Date: 18 May 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00AM onwards
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

Just One Week Ago, I have attended a spectacular contest, which was the Astro Explorer-On-The-Go Bloggers Contests. The event was organized by Nuffnang & Astro and it has attracted the participation of approximately 50 bloggers because of the amazing prizes offered in the contest. (Such as Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad Mini, Google Nexus)
And I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the participants. =)

Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Stage!
What were the nice memories during the Explorer-On-The-Go event?
Meeting New People (Fellow Bloggers, famous celebrities)
It’s a nice exposure for me because I got the chance to meet new people and get to know more blogger friends.
Here’s my teammate that day, Janice!

Me and my teammate, Janice formed the Team15!

I have also met a few of my favourite bloggers such as Chuckei,Tianchad and etc.
Me and Chuckei!
Me and Tianchad!
Besides, Hitz FM  Jin (Jinnyboy) was also there. He was walking around our assembly spot for quite some time. So I have approached him and took a picture with him too.
He told me that he is going to have his next short video soon.  Looking forward for it!

Me and Jinnyboy!
The excitement of explorer games
Basically, the Astro Explorer-On-The-Go contest was a station-hunting games like those seen in Amazing Race and Running Man. We were first given with an iPad (but can’t bring back home), and there will be one pilot (the person playing game) and one co-pilot (the tweeter, facebooker à social veteran). So, I was the pilot in my team because I am kinda noob in updating social platforms while Janice was the co-pilot because she could tweet a lot a lot faster than I do.

Our twitter hashtags that day.
#AstroOTGExplorer is the official hashtag.
#Team15 is my team's hashtag.
Do check it out at twitter if you want to know more about our adventure that day!

We went from station to station, roaming around the whole Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex. We were given clues via the iPad and was required to find the stations, then answer one/two questions plus snap some pictures in order to get the next clue. Some of the clues were kinda misleading and we have to detour from here and there. Imagine, we have to go from first floor to lower ground floor, then went to ground floor again for the next station. The stations were scattered at a few totally different zones. Never have I and Janice ever thought that, walking in shopping complex can be so tiring~!

But thanks to that, I think I have burnt quite a lot of calories! (Maybe can contribute a little for one of my aim of the year, To Eradicate The "Spare Tyre" on my Big Tummy!)

Eventually, we finished all the stations and we took approximately 1 hours and 17 minutes to finish them all.

Delicious lunch at “Delicious” Restaurant
After the exhausting games, most of us were dehydrated and of course HUNGReeey…But luckily, Nuffnang has provided us with lunch at a restaurant called “Delicious”.
And yeah, the food there was actually kinda Delicious!

The "delicious" Restaurant which fed us hungry people that day!

(It kinda reminded me of a scene in one of the Stephen Chow’s classic movies, whereby they said THERE IS A HOTEL in front of them! And the name of the hotel is, “THERE IS A HOTEL”!)

Stephen Chow's Scenario!

Here, I get to know more friends such as Nicole, Alice, Celyx, FlapJaq, Babeboon and Dusty. Of course, I met one of my old blogger friend, Ridley Jing too!

Okay..Some photo time!
Ridley Jing on the left, Celyx in the middle and me on the right side!
Happy Bloggers!

It was a fun lunch time. We were joking that maybe the organizer would give us a surprise, which was to allow us to bring back those iPads home. (Those iPads which we have used throughout our contest)
Well, the organizer crews eventually collected back the iPads from us during the lunch time, so our wish that day FAILED EPICLY. Haha.

Astro-On-The-Go Booth and Stage Events
Some mini games at booth area!

There was a hiatus between our lunch time and also the prize-giving ceremony. Thus, we took our time to explore the Astro roadshow there. There were a lot of booths there to introduce us about Astro-On-The Go and there were some mini games booth there too.

What we love the most is the, free camera and printing service there. We took quite a number of photos there~! ( Camwhore instinct~! XD )
Even Chuckei also did a selca there! =D

Then, while waiting for the prize-giving ceremony, we watched the stage performances during the road show.
There were many live action performances on stage such as some K-pop dances, Football maniac dances, Maharaja Lawak, Malay romantic stage play, Classical Movie Pearl Harbour Live action performances, Chinese Hokkien stage performances, some Disney character (such as Oz) performances and etc!
Wait.. all of these performances resemble something..They were representation of every channels provided via Astro-On-The-Go Apps!

On Stage games!

On-Stage Giveaway!
Football maniac performance!
The place was totally crowded!

Funny Dance!
Oz The performance!

Mother Father Gentleman~!

Closing Of The Stage performances!
It’s a good way to introduce this new apps via this event.
At least, now I get to know what programs I would expect to watch via the apps! =)

Prize-giving Ceremony
Oh! It’s finally the time that we have waited for! Prize-giving ceremony!

Grand Prize Winner!
According to the grand prize winner Joel Wong, his team finished the race using only around 40-50 minutes.
I didn’t manage to win any prizes in the end. Sob~ Sob~
But each of us, the “fallen” was given goodie bags to relieve our pain.
So still feel ok la..haha.. XD

Either way, I still feel like a winner after participating this event, because I get to have fun, know a lot of new blogger friends and get to know more about this cool apps by Astro, Astro-On-The-Go!

So,what was the best part during this Explorer-On-The-Go event?
The best part is, I get to know more regarding the Astro-On-The-Go event via the stage performances.
If you have been a follower of my blog, you will know that I am a great fans of entertainments, footballs, movies and dramas. (Browse through my blog posts and you will see my previous coverage of Kpop concerts, football matchs, movies reviews, TVB drama and promo tour!)
All of the stage performances that day have tempted me to subscribe for the apps!

And what’s the best part is? This apps is NOT ONLY working on Apple IOS System only, It also works on other devices such as Android smartphones, Tablets and even Laptop PC!
It’s definitely a hooray for me because I do not own any Apple device yet at the moment and neither do I own an Android tablet nor new Android smartphones.
I only have an old Android Sony W8 and an Acer laptop. Thus, I can still access this apps despite of my technology lag! Yeah! :D

How do you foresee yourself utilizing Astro On-The-Go in the future?
And yeah, another thing is, I am a “runner”. Not those marathon runners, but a person who often runs around for occasions!
With this apps available, I foresee myself would be able to utilize it thoroughly!
I am always on the run to do coverage for events and concerts! Like what I have mentioned in my previous post, I can still Catch Up with some of those breaking news or even LIVE sports via my device wherever I go!
For example, I wouldn’t miss any of my favourite football matches even though I need to be at other places sometimes! I can also watch those Astro channels whenever there is a gap in between performances during concerts! 

Plus, I am also always on the run to travel far to Kelantan for my study! There is no cinema here and I need to share the TV with other students. (there’s only one TV at each floor of the student hostel). Sometimes, I was not able to watch my favourite channels.
So, with this apps around, I would be able to kill off my boredom as I can watch the latest movies and also “boil” my beloved HK & Korean dramas anytime I want at my own ease!

*Boil drama à Cantonese meaning: Watch continuously a drama till you can’t differentiate day and night! =D

That’s all from me! Once again, thanks Nuffnang and Astro for the wonderful event!


Thanks to those hardworking Nuffies who have been there since the morning until the end of the event!

By the way, if you guys are interested to subscribe to this cool apps, can click on the link below:

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