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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Coverage of "Till The End Of The World"

Thanks to The Actors Studio, I was invited to attend the the show "Till The End Of The World" with my girlfriend,Josephine. This show is a show that has been intended to provide insight to the audience and it is more of a serious talk show stage performance which tackled on the topic of Doomsday.

Story Introduction:
"Till The End Of The World" is a stage show about a few people from different occupations come together at MYFM Radio Station and being interviewed about what they would like to do if the world is about to end.

Each and everyone of them has different views about end of the world and each of them has different things that they would like to do a few hours before the world ends. 

After being repetitively questioned for a few times, a contemporary scene draws in and more introduction of the characters are done.

Basically, during every different scenes, the characters would be telling us more about how they view life, what are the problems that they faced and some small gags in between.

Some of the stories told by the characters during the show are real and can be related well with our lives too.

The lineups for this show include a lot of famous icons such as Royce Tan, Calvin Hee, Roax Tan, Tee, TY Low, Andrew Low, Ong Hongyi, Desmomd Chan, Sufian Azais, Emely Poon, and also Youngz Gao.

Overall, the performance is basically just some sharing of stories by these characters and also some contemporary scene in between each scenes. Every scenes has its own meaning and it may require you to think, in order to truly understand the scenes.

Some funny dialogues were included but at a minimal amount as most of the stage time was done in a more serious approach. And take note, some foul words were inserted in the dialogues and thus I think it may be an appropriate show for the minors.

The performance overall as warned by the director before the show, that it might be boring to some. But to me, it is actually quite meaningful. It is quite dependent on the viewers. Those of you who expect a dramatic story or very funny show, this is definitely not your cup of tea. 

However, in my opinion, It is definitely a show for us to sit back, relax and have an insight about how we should tackle the end of the world! It is definitely thoughtful and meaningful!

For those who still haven't catch the show, you can still watch it today at 3pm at The Actors Studio, Lot 10.

More info can be found here:

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