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Sunday, 11 November 2012

"ZE:A Showcase LIVE in Malaysia" Coverage

"ZE:A Showcase LIVE in Malaysia" Coverage
Date: 10th November 2012
Venue: Kenanga Wholesale City

This is the second time that ZE:A, Children of Empire came to Malaysia. This time, they have been quite a familiar face in Malaysia and has been greeted by more and more supporters from Malaysia.

This showcase was organized by Jazzy Group, the same group of organizer behind T-ara Showcase and Lee Seung Gi Showcase in Malaysia.

 The boys entered onto the stage at around 7.40pm! All the crowd were excited as they saw ZE:A came out!

The hall was filled with crowd. See, one of the fans were so excited that she actually jumped up during ZE:A's performance!
After they sang around 2-3 songs, they proceeded with a short interview session.

Short Interview Session: (7.55pm- 8.15pm)
"Who is the member who eats the most?"
"Who is the dirtiest member?"
and "Who would be the best member to introduce to girls?"

These were some of the exclusive questions which were asked during this session. Those who have attended the showcase would know the answers to the above questions!

ZE:A members holding pointing-fingers stick. The stick was used to point at the member who was the answer to the questions above.
First Interaction with Fans : Game 1 (Scissors, Paper and Rock): (8.15pm)
Just like the usual Kpop showcases organized by Jazzy Groups, Interactions with Fans session were present. A few fans were selected via lucky draw to come up on stage for the games session.

So, basically the winners of the scissor,paper and rock would be given a chance to do something to one of the boys or vice versa. However, the result of the game didn't really matter. Because all of the boys from ZE:A were so friendly that all of them hugged their fans despite the fans losing the game.


Can't spot yourself here? Can check out the photo album in my facebook page! The facebook album link can be found at the bottom of this post.

The game ended at around 8.25pm, and then the boys went to the backstage to change their attire. During this gap period, OneFM DJ warmed up the crowd by asking the crowd to shout and see which side shouted the loudest.

Warming up the crowd before the boys come out again!

Then, there was a video presentation showing the history of ZE:A!

At around 8.35pm, ZE:A appeared on stage again with different outfits and sang another 3 songs before they proceeded with another fans interactions session!

Second Interactions with Fans: Game 2 (8.45pm)
The second fans interaction session was "Drawing T-shirt" with fans whereby each member drew the blank white t-shirt with one fans respectively. The exclusively designed on-stage T-shirt were given to these fans after they have done the drawing together.

The fans were drawing the empty T-shirt with ZE:A members!
The boys were so kind to the fans. Those members who were not drawing the T-shirt at the moment came to the middle of the stage and sang songs to entertain the crowd! 

The crowd was trying to grab the extra T-shirt that was thrown down from stage!
Third Interaction with Fans : Game 3 (9.00pm)
During this session, there were 6 choices of game for the members to play with their lucky fans. The ZE:A members need to shoot the arrow to pick the game that they wanted to play with their fans.

The paper board showed all the choices of games available.

ZE:A members and the fans were listening attentively to the instructions.
The lucky fans who won in the games would get to take a selca photos via their own cellphones with their beloved ZE:A members! But like in the previous games, winning and losing didn't really matters. The members were so friendly that they even allowed the fans to take selca by the side of the stage while the other members and fans were playing the games in the middle of the stage.

Throw the paper to flip the other paper! 
Lucky fans who won the game!
The fans took selca photo with ZE:A members by the side of the stage while the spot light was not on them!
After this game sessions, ZE:A proceeded with another 3 songs and then there was a surprise event for one of the members of ZE:A, it's:


After the birthday surprise, the showcase then continued with the finale and climax of the show!
The boys started to move around the stage more and also came nearer to the crowd.

Here's the climax and special stage performance by ZE:A!

Oppa Gangnam Style!
That's it! This was the end of the showcase! 
It was definitely an AWESOME show! 
Million thanks to Jazzy Group for bringing ZE:A over to Malaysia! 

Anyway, for more photos, please visit the link below:

*The playlist of songs for the showcase is here:
1) Body to Body
2) Watch Out
3) Aftermath
4) Became a star
5) Never end
6) Whole day long
7) Heart for 2
8) Mazeltov
9) Phoenix
10) My Only Wish
11) Body to Body (Remix with Gangnam Style)

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