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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nuffnang First Ever Comic Bloggers Gathering @ Caffeine

Nuffnang Comic Bloggers Gathering @ Caffeine
Dear followers who are comic blog fans, I am sure all of you have heard of these two blogs, 

Currently Nuffnang is holding a contest to invite the bloggers who love comics to join the gathering with the masterminds of these two blogs at the latest Coffee Joint in Town,  CAFFEine!

Event: Comic Bloggers Gathering
10 November 2012 (Saturday)
2.00PM – 5.30pm
Venue: CAFFEineSetia Walk Puchong 
(click for map!)

Aren't you excited for it? Well, I did! I am actually quite delighted when I saw that Nuffnang is having such a wonderful gathering because I love to check out online comic blogs!

So, at first, I wanted to draw a comic post for the submission of the contest....
I can't think of any nice storyline... or neither can I draw a nice comic...
have thought block..and I almost give up trying.. @_@ 

then I went and checked the rules and regulations again...

to my surprise..ehh..the rules changed? or is my vision a bit defected the first time I read through the rules and regulations? 

Now, you just need to draw a comic version of yourself!

Well, if just a comic version of myself, then I think I can still come out with something..

Not sure if this post can be qualified or not. But either way, I just want to help spread the words about this event to all the comic bloggers out there! 

Why would you like to attend the Comic Bloggers Gathering?
Well, being a comic lover, I like both of those blogs very much! Thus, I think it will be awesome if can meet up with both of the bloggers. 
Of course, I would also love to be treated with the finest coffee, premium chocolate, cakes and many more at CAFFEine! 

Anyway, since the criteria for submission is just draw a comic version of yourself, there's no more excuse for not trying out! Come, fellow bloggers, let's draw yourself and come join the fun! :-)

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