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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Press Conference of "ZE:A Showcase LIVE In Malaysia"

Press Conference of "ZE:A Showcase LIVE In Malaysia"

The Children of Empire, or better known as ZE:A has arrived TO Malaysia since Thursday. However, only 8 of the members arrived. The leader Moon Jun Young did not come for the showcase.

The press conference was hosted by OneFM DJ, Wayne who usually speaks cantonese. However,he hosted the conference with English fluently.
OneFM Wayne
And here you go, the boys have arrived into the function room and greeted the media with "Apa Khabar?". They were quite cute and funny as they have repeated "Apa Khabar" for a few times. Then, the boys introduced themselves one by one.

This is not the first time ZE:A coming to Malaysia. They said that they love to come to Malaysia because the fans here have been very cheerful and supportive. They even replied to the media saying "I love you, Malaysia!".
As you all know, the boys have been travelling around a lot for their shows. However, they have never considered it very tough because they were able to meet fans. They said that their fans are the source that give them energy.

They also said that if they have free time, they would wish to come to Malaysia for a vacation because Malaysia is a nice and warm country.

They have also stated that they have prepared special stage events for the fans. So they hoped that the fans can have fun during the showcase!

Some media members asked them how do they manage among each other because their group is so big with so many members. They replied that they have been having fun especially during eating times. Seems like they are really having a lot of fun with each other.

Then, the press conference proceeded with photo sessions.

Photo sessions with the organizers:

For more photos during the press conference,please visit:
Photo Gallery of Press Conference

Do stay tuned to our blog as we will be posting coverage for the showcase soon!

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