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Friday, 30 November 2012

"Wreck-it Ralph" Movie Review

"Wreck-it Ralph" Movie Review

Ralph is a bad guy character in the arcade game of “Fix-it-Felix Junior”. He has been doing the job of wrecking up the penthouse of the nicelanders for 30 years. While the good guy, Fix-it Felix Junior has been treated nicely by the others after the end of every game, Ralph is being thrown down from the building. He is alone and staying in a pile of rubbish. So, one day, Ralph has decided not to become a bad guy anymore. He went to other games to win medal in order to change his fate.

Will Ralph be able to finally become a good guy?

What are the troubles that await Ralph during his journey to become a good guy?

Let’s insert a coin and check-it out in your nearest cinema now!


“Wreck it Ralph” has been one of the nicest animated movie of the year in my opinion. It has been able to deliver the same kind of nostalgic feeling like Toys Story because its story is about one of the people’s favourite childhood pastimes , VIDEO GAMES.

The whole story has a smooth flow despite of involving a few different games with totally different settings such as “Fix-it Felix Junior”, a retro style of arcade game, “Hero’s Duty”, a sci-fi First-person shooter game and “Sugar Rush”,  a sweet candilicious kart game similar to Sonic and Sega All-star racing. The movie has successfully created life in all these different settings. They made us feel like the game characters are just like real human being, having their jobs, emotions and mood. It’s just like in Toys Story whereby the toys would start to interact with each other when no human is around.

In addition, the story of the film is actually very entertaining and filled with some surprises which are pleasant not just for the gamers audience, but also for non-gamers audience too. For those arcade game lovers, do expect to see some Cameo appearance from some of those famous games franchise, such as Zangief, M.Bison (Street fighter) and etc. As a gamer, I felt quite excited seeing some of my favourite game characters making a brief appearance here.

The movie is a very relaxing one and there is quite a number of funny scenes in it. Of course, this film is also quite meaningful and there’s a few scenes whereby you might even feel like crying because they are quite touching. 

Overall, this movie is awesome and is definitely a must watch. I think that the production team has really done a good job in delivering a movie regarding Video Games. Well Done!

What I like about the movie:
  1. Fresh and solid storyline
  2. Nice pace despite of involving a few totally distinct settings and characters
  3. Funny yet meaningful
  4. Nice cameo appearance from other video games franchise
What I dislike about the movie:
       1.  Wish there are more cameo appearance from more games franchise


This movie deserves a 9.0/10.0!

It is a creative and fantastic animation movie with a nostalgic theme! It’s a nice treat and a must watch for everyone regardless of gamers or non-gamers!  

However, the jokes in this film are targeted for kids mostly, so those adults who are expecting “laughing gas” standard of humour, you might get pissed off or bored with the movie!

**BONUS: Here’s the link to play those games seen in the movie, namely “FIX-IT FELIX”, “HERO’S DUTY” and  “SUGAR RUSH”! Enjoy!

Anyway, thanks Nuffnang for the screening! :-)

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

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