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Friday, 2 November 2012

"Tonight With Lee Seung Gi" Showcase Coverage

"Tonight With Lee Seung Gi" Showcase Coverage
Date: 2nd November 2012
Venue: Kenanga Wholesale City, KL 
It has been a great night at "Tonight With Lee Seung Gi" in Malaysia Showcase. Thanks to JazzyGroup for bringing such a multi-tainer (multi-talented entertainer) to Malaysia.

The showcase started off with Lee Seung Gi coming on stage and have a plenty of interactions with fans. The showcase is basically consisted off games and interactions with fans and a mini concert. The whole showcase ended at around 10 pm.

Interaction Session:
"Singing" Game session:
A few fans were selected to go onto the stage to play a game whereby they were required to sing Lee Seung Gi's song partially in order for them to win mechandise from Lee Seung Gi himself.

The contestant for the first interaction game

The lucky fans need to sing out Lee Seung Gi's song partially in order to win.

Countless of hugs were given! Malaysia Airen are so lucky!
Eventually all of them were winners because all of them have the hugs from the cute guy with a charming smile!

Chat and interview + Drama with Fans on Stage session:
A short interview has been held with Lee Seung Gi. The main topic of conversation was about the drama scenes which the fans love the most.
The charming Lee Seung Gi during interview session!
The "Hoy! Hoy" Scene!
Sad Seung Gi watching his lover being shot scene!
The most beloved scene was the bicycle scene in "Brilliant Legacy":

Well, the fans were surprised as the session include a "Drama scene with Fans" session whereby the lucky fans get to act as the female character in the bicycle scene! They can get the chance to ride on the bicycle with Lee Seung Gi. Look at the pictures below:

Wow! These two fans were so lucky as they got the chance to hug Lee Seung Gi like a pillow while on the same bicycle with him! Such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After these two sessions, there was a break session and the fans were shown with some videos involving Lee Seung Gi's funny moments:

"Dance Along" Game Session
During this session, Lee Seung Gi has changed his clothes and was welcomed back on stage. Well, it was then revealed that the next game would be a "dancing" competition among lucky fans. Again, a few fans were chosen. 

Lee Seung Gi was teaching the lucky fans of his dance move patiently while the fans listened attentively.
The winner would be given a special gift from Seung Gi.

After a while of competition, a winner was picked.

The winner will received a very special gift:

That was the last game session. Before Lee Seung Gi left the stage, he was shown with a fanmade video prepared by Malaysia Airen. It was a heartwarming session as the fans were able to see the celebrity that they cherish that much receiving the love from them. Seung Gi's replied to the crowd was, something like " I have received the love from you all, it's time for me to give you the love!" by promising the fans a MINI CONCERT after the interactions sessions.

Seung Gi's style! By Malaysia Fans!
9.30pm - 10.00pm
Before the concert started, Seung Gi went backstage to change clothes while the crowd were entertained by introductory video of Lee Seung Gi. 

He sang around 7-8 songs during this concert, such as "Because We're friends", "Smile Boy", "Will You Marry Me", "Because You Are My Woman".

He has an amazing LIVE singing voice!

A nice and cute dancing by Seung Gi!

He's such a rockstar during the concert!

Everyone was getting high as Seung Gi sang fast-paced rock song!

The end of the concert!
Thus, it was the end of the concert! 
Then, there was a photo session with Seung Gi, only for VIPs tickets holder.

Before I left, I was managed to snap a picture of a group of MALAYSIA AIREN! Here you go:

Well, that's all for the coverage of "Tonight With Lee Seung Gi" Showcase! It was a showcase full of warmth and HUGS!
I am sure the Malaysia Airens have enjoyed the event very much!

Once again, thanks to JazzyGroup for bringing such a nice KPOP event to Malaysia!

To view more photos, please visit:
FB Photo Album of "Tonight With Lee Seung Gi"

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