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Friday, 2 November 2012

Press Conference of "Tonight With Lee Seung Gi"

Press Conference of "Tonight With Lee Seung Gi"

This is the first time Lee Seung Gi came to Malaysia , he has appeared in the Press Conference this morning with his charming smile! This is a short press conference, with an estimation of just around 10-15 minutes long.  

First, He greeted the media members with “ Apa Khabar”! Then, he continued the press conference with question and answer with the host of the conference. Throughout the whole press conference, he maintained his smile and he seemed like a really friendly guy.

During the conference, he was asked about how he managed his life because he is a multi-role artist, being a show host, actor and also singer. He was also being asked what he would like to be if he was not in the field of entertainment. He replied jokingly that, if he’s not an artist, then he would be jobless.

Apart from that, he also mentioned that he has yet to try out any local food yet. If he has the chance, he would try out Malaysia food, especially Nasi Lemak.

He also stated that he would be having a concert in Seoul on December. He hoped that the Malaysia Airen can come over and see him perform too!

When asked about his feeling for not hosting “Strong Heart” anymore, he stated that he still love the memories of hosting the show. He hope that he can have the chance in hosting a show again!

(Article by: W.L Jack @ copyright reserved)

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